Rapid AntigenTest Self Swabbing Service for Salons

We are introducing the only Rapid Antigen Test Self Swabbing Service *.
You can control your testing regime at times and costs that make it a real option for you

We provide you with the training, a supporting info booklet on the do’s and dont’s of swabbing and we will support you through the initial testing process
and provide you with the test kits.

At least 50% of New Infections originate from exposure to asymptomatic individuals

For further information or a quote please Whats App 0873239559 or fill in the enquiry form below

* swabbing will be carried out on site under supervision

We are highly experienced in Antigen testing and are offering you a very cost effective solution to use Antigen testing in your business
Antigen Testing Solutions in Your Business  –
Swab Coaching for your team and our support.
Advice on purchase of test kits 
Handbook on Handling , storage and disposal of Kits.
Risk assessment support in event of positive case in your business. 
We can supply you with our highly accurate Test Kits CE marked for self swabbing supplied as you require. 
Please  fill in the enquiry form below if you wish to get a call from me about the service.


Box of 20 Test Kits: €200

20 Antigen tests, Handbook & Swab coaching: €380
Suitable for small business.

40 Antigen tests, Handbook & Swab coaching: €680
Suitable for medium business.

Contact for quote for larger business 10 plus employees or We will be happy to organise Antigen testing with our own medical team if you prefer.

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