Salon Employee eLearning Module – Brownyn Conroy


1 hour online course, with video content, graded questionnaire, and personalised certificate of completion.

• Understanding COVID-19 and Risk Assessment, Role of Workplace Representative
• Physical Distancing and Reduced Contact Measures
• Personal Hygiene Responsibilities
• Elevated Cleaning Routines
• Handling Laundry, Wearing Uniforms and Use of PPE
• Employee Responsibilities, Suspected Case Policy
• Client Communication



As per the Government protocols employees must receive induction and training on
what a worker should do if they develop symptoms of COVID-19; details of how the workplace is organised to address the risk from COVID-19; an outline of the COVID-19 response plan; identification of points of contact from the employer and the workers; and any other sector specific advice that is relevant.

Aim of Training:
To provide employees with knowledge and understanding of new workplace practices required to prevent and contain the spread of Covid 19

Multiple Choice

1 hour

Certification – Glantar Employee Covid-19 Protocols:
Cert downloadable on satisfactory completion of Course and Assessment.