On-site Rapid Results Antigen Testing for Organisations

RAPID ONSITE COVID 19 testing – respond to and pre-empt Positive Covid 19 cases in the workplace 
  • Providing on-site Covid 19 Rapid Results Antigen Testing for all employees
  • Using Irish / EU Approved Medical Devices
  • Trained and Fully Insured Health Care Team
  • GDPR protocols
  • Liaising with your Compliance Officer to rollout  onsite testing safely
  • We can offer a Mobile Test Facility to safely carry out testing
As part of business continuity planning in the private sector our company is offering an on-site rapid antigen test facility to aid in the detection of asymptomatic carriers in the workplace.
These results are given within 15 min of the nasal swab being carried out. We have carried out significant due diligence on these devices to date and ensured that the many elements of insurances are in place.  We have teamed up with members of the Pre-Hospital Care Council to support the rollout of tests, we are using tests verified for use in the Republic of Ireland. My company will furnish each site with our Covid 19  protocols and liaise with the appointed compliance officer in your facility
NOTE: Rapid antigen testing is used significantly across the EU to identify clusters of infections however we support the NPHET  policy by requesting persons identified as positive to follow up with a PCR test and participate in the national testing regime.
Our company to date has been proactive in rolling out  Covid 19 response planning and advisory services to many sectors. we have worked with many government and private agencies to support business continuity in the food, retail, transport, hair and beauty sectors. We have drafted sector guidelines which are implemented throughout the country and we firmly believe that being proactive in antigen testing will avert business or sport disruption.

Please contact  Carmel Connaire for further information using the info below or use the contact form below.